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Re: RealAudio transcripts?

Posted by: Scott
Date: Sunday, 19 April 1998, at 4:46 p.m.

In Response To: RealAudio transcripts? (El Mariachi)

> Has the creator of this site considered producing
> "recorded" transcripts of the sessions?
> They could be put into RealAudio format so that
> they can be streamed off the web.

> Now the question is: who would do the voices?
> My suggestion would be that the author be both the
> voice of his/her character AND that of Dr. Balis.
> That way the author has more control over inflection,
> tone, etc. The author, of course, could accept or
> decline the invitation to record his/her sessions.
> If they accept, you could "flag" a session
> with a clickable icon that links to the RealAudio
> transcript.

> Thoughts?

> This leads my mind to a very similar idea I think we discussed here before. . .I picture the sessions as mini-plays, perhaps a stage production or even filmed and put together in some format that allows the doctor's day to be played out through his patients. . .but then. . .this takes me back even further, to wondering what actor would play the characters, or better yet what the good old doctor even looks like, which is something that was not resolved and may very well not ever be resolved.

Sponsorship can make all our dreams come true, as Chris pointed out.

Oh, and another thing. . .I can't stand the sound of my own voice on tape, so it would have to be an actor with a trained voice for that kind of stuff.

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