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Re: Anna Should Use Sex to Be Strong

Posted by: Princess
Date: Monday, 20 April 1998, at 1:39 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Anna Should Use Sex to Be Strong (GEDDY)

If both of you follow what has happened you will understand that anna is always swinging to extremes. She has tried sex (S and M) to be strong. Remember Martin doesn't like "passives". Anna needs to balance out, and find peace without extremes. She can never be perfect, but she doesn't need to overcompensate by thriving on unhealthy escapist behaviors. ps I find it odd discussing Anna as a real person, who is really exhibiting the escapist behaivior now?


> WHAT ARE YOU WACKO? I mean using sex to be
> strong, seducing people. She doesn't need more problems
> or rejection over her head. Anna, should dump the
> people causing her problems, but she needs to see
> where she stands befor eshe brings people in to
> be involved with. Before she can be art of a couple,
> she needs to be an individual first.


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