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Re: RealAudio transcripts?

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Sunday, 26 April 1998, at 12:15 p.m.

In Response To: Re: RealAudio transcripts? (David)

A high angle helicopter shot of famous San Francisco landmarks which finally resolves to the old Victorian building in which Dr. Balis' office is located.

Announcer: Last week, Dr. Balis was trying to rescue a young woman from the clutches of drug addiction, was perplexed by two of his patient's insistence on experimenting with S&M, struggled with a patient's psychic dream wish fulfillment, was surprised to find an adult virgin, delved deep into the concerns of a sex worker, and kicked himself for failing to invest in SII's dramatic rise in stock price. This and more this week on "As SII Turns!"

Cue Organ Music

Patient: Oh, Doctor.

Doctor: Yes?

Patient: Oh...Doctor.

Doctor: Yes?

Patient: Oh! Doctor!

Doctor: Hmm.

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