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Re: Question from possible volunteer

Posted by: Sharon <>
Date: Friday, 1 May 1998, at 9:54 a.m.

In Response To: Question from possible volunteer (Ann)

> So on to the question. I'm thinking of submitting
> some work, and was curious as to how Dr. Balis is
> written. As I understand it, each person writes
> him into their sessions, and someone else does the
> doctor's commentary on the session? Has there ever
> been an issue with keeping the doctor unified? Any
> pointers on the doctor's dialogue?

I had the same questions when I started writing! Those nagging questions kept me from volunteering for a while.

Olga and Christopher are always available to us if we need their input. I'm sure they would be more than happy to help you out!

When I write the Dr.'s part, I try to recall his demeanor and responses to other patients. I have to make a consious effort to keep from allowing Dr. Balis to lead Olivia's sessions. Since *I* know what I want said, it's so easy to let the Dr's questions form the session. It's harder for me to make sure that Olivia is the one leading the sessions. I also have a hard time keeping Dr. Balis from making judgements as to what is write or wrong for Olivia to do. I try very hard to keep those kinds of things out of the sessions - hence the zillion or so re-writes! =)

I found that once I started, it really wasn't so hard to write Dr. Balis. And again, the Werby's are there for you and offer advice and edits to help make the sessions "flow" better.

Good luck! Hope to read about your new character soon!


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