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Posted by: loosely <>
Date: Thursday, 07 August 1997, at 5:32 p.m.

In Response To: Welcome to the New Message Board (pip)

Christopher Werby on 8/4/97 10:03 AM said:

>It's been over a year since The Company Therapist started, and finally we've been able to get a BBS together, mostly through the configuration talents of Michael Chopek (thanks, Michael!) working with scripts written by Gunther Birznieks and posted on the Selena Sol Archives.

>Well, we have a lot of hopes for this board, but it's really a blank slate for you--the readers and writers of The Company Therapist. Most of all, we hope that it doesn't languish unused. So post away! And thanks for being part of The Company Therapist.

Blank slate. How enticing . . . as is the whole concept of your highly interactive site. This is by far the most provocative place I've visited since my exploration began a month ago.

I have a couple of comments: 1)I'm a little concerned about the daytime soapy feel of some of the patients and their situations; 2)I want to know the doctor--his weaknesses, self-doubts, naughty habits, personal life, and yes, what he looks like.

There is obviously a lot of talent here. I look forward to future sessions with The Company Therapist.

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