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Re: Author's residence.

Posted by: Scott
Date: Saturday, 9 May 1998, at 2:37 p.m.

In Response To: Author's residence. (Beth DePardeau)

> I noticed that the setting for The Company
> Therapist is San Francisco....which made me wonder
> where all the authors are from?


> Do any of you know each other, know what the
> other author's look like, have met any of the authors
> personally, etc.?

Recently, several of us from the bay area got together with another writer from North Carolina here in SF for dinner and conversation. . .it was the first time some of us met face to face and we had a real nice time. . .

> Maybe you guys should do a Therapist reunion
> at Disneyland and get a group picture or something...

I think that would be a blast! Actually, I am looking forward to another get together with the other wirters, if and when we can all work our schedules out. . .it was great fun to finally put a face behind the Emails and characters we are all so familiar with

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