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Re: Too much soap opera? (was Re: Welcome to the )

Posted by: loosely <>
Date: Saturday, 09 August 1997, at 5:00 p.m.

In Response To: Too much soap opera? (was Re: Welcome to the ) (Olga)

Olga--I'll get the hang of this message business yet--thanks for the tidbit about double dads. At the risk of stirring up things, I pose a question: because there is a one-in-ten-million chance that a phenonmenon CAN happen, does it mean that you want to build it into a character? More questions: Do you seek to create characters that are NOT like most of us? Or, because most of us do not seek the aid of a therapist, am I naive about the perversions and possibilities in the lives of wayward ones . . .Responses not necessarily required.

Leslie T.

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