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Re: Fiction or Real Life?

Posted by: Sharon <>
Date: Tuesday, 26 May 1998, at 3:14 a.m.

In Response To: Fiction or Real Life? (David Jensen)

> Maybe these authors are truly talented, because
> a lot of what I read just seems too real, and I'm
> not giving them enough credit.

I'm glad it seems real. That is the goal.

> But what if they are based on their own lives?
> Why would the authors choose to reveal so much of
> themselves under the guise of a character name?
> A sort of self-therapy, perhaps?

When I first started reading this site, I found that there was something in a few of the characters with which I could empathize. Their circumstances weren't totally like mine, but there was some aspect that mirrored my life. My decision to write did stem from a personal experience. Olivia first met with Dr. Balis while she was being net-stalked. While Olivia's circumstances weren't the same as the ones I had experienced, they were similar. I was going to have Olivia fly in for therapy and then disappear after the stalker left... so much for that!! LOL Everything since then has been a congolomoration of my imagination, my observations and a smidgen of my experiences.


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