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Re: Too much soap opera? (was Re: Welcome to the )

Posted by: fulkerson <>
Date: Sunday, 10 August 1997, at 7:23 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Too much soap opera? (was Re: Welcome to the ) (Olga)

Olga Werby on 8/9/97 9:21 PM said:

>I think that having a string of coincidences happen to one character bends the suspension of disbelief to the breaking point. But I think it is perfectly okay to have an ordinary character win the lottery, for example, and then follow what happens to him or her and how life changes as a result. Ordinary people in extraordinary situations make good stories. But if you pile coincidence on top of coincidence, then the story starts to choke.

>I think that the device of twins by different fathers that I used with Sylvia is the only thing in her story that is improbable, although I hope that I set it up so that all the necessary elements were there to make it happen (i.e. she bought a ticket for the lottery story). I think that the stuff with her husband and family and with Hal Mainor and Richard, her reaction to Zoloft, the vascectomy story, etc. are all within the realm of the believable for a character.

>Now if she had triplets, by three different fathers... :)

Hey Olga!

That triplet idea is interesting. . .maybe Sylvia ought to, , ,oh, never mind!

S.A. Fulkerson

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