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Re: Fiction or Real Life?

Posted by: Benevol <>
Date: Wednesday, 27 May 1998, at 8:01 p.m.

In Response To: Fiction or Real Life? (David Jensen)

Though my character hasn't been put up on the site at the time of this posting, I'll admit that he's at the very least semi-autobiographical for the time being. Part of it is because I'm a fresh-faced writer, new to the business of writing under a deadline, so I want to be able to write about things for him pretty easily. However, another part of it isn't so much as an auto-therapy session as much as it is sharing the problems I had and how I eventually had to deal with them. To be honest, I envision Dr. Balis saying a lot of the same things as my father did when I was going through rough times in high school.

I believe that through telling a substantial portion of my own story through my character's voice, I can both prove to myself that I have conquered the demons that haunted me those years ago and offer what I went through as a cautionary tale. However, I don't plan on keeping him autobiographical forever; I've already got plenty of events ready for him that have never even coming close to happening to me:) But until I gain some more experience as a writer and tell the story of my past that I need to tell, I'll keep him rather autobiographical.

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