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Re: Fiction or Real Life?

Posted by: David
Date: Friday, 29 May 1998, at 5:51 p.m.

In Response To: Fiction or Real Life? (David Jensen)

David, I'm glad to hear that you feel the verisimilitude (to use Chris's word). That can sometimes be very hard to create. I'm sure some of the characters are more autobiographical than others. There's the rule of 'write what you know', and I suspect that new writers tend to start with themselves and then branch out. Certainly that's what I've done. My character started with symptoms much like my own, though exagerated. Then, happily, she grew and my ability grew and she became much more fictional. Though sometimes I notice that she parallels my feelings; I can get through a session and on re-reading, realize that I've catharsized something from my own psyche. Or I can take encouragement from her, and guidance and insight into my real motivations. It's actually kind of thrilling! I have a new character in mind who is designed to draw much more on my personal experiences. Hopefully he will be even more believable.

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