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Re: Writer's groups?

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Saturday, 30 May 1998, at 10:51 p.m.

In Response To: Writer's groups? (Lance)

> Hello:

> Does anyone know where to look if you want
> to get involved in a local writer's group? I couldn't
> find anything in the paper --thought some of you
> writers out there might know of a better place to
> find these groups.

Hi Lance--

It'd help if you gave some more information--like where are you located, what type of writing you do, and what type of writing group you're looking for.

As a general response, fiction writing groups of the type that Rachel Tanner describes in her sessions usually flourish around colleges. Community colleges and centers for extended learning offer courses. Recreation and senior centers often have something for writers. Poetry flourishes mostly coupled either with coffee or bad white wine and cubes of white cheese (often containing bits of jalapeno peppers for some reason).

Also check ads in alternative papers, or search the web!

Feel free to post here to a virtual writers' community, if you like. One thing that's nice about the Company Therapist's group of writers is that they are not just talking about writing theory or criticism--they're actually writing, week after week. That sets them apart from a great many people you'll meet in more traditional writing circles.

Christopher Werby

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