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And now, for something completely different

Posted by: Benevol <>
Date: Monday, 1 June 1998, at 8:00 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Writer's groups? (pip)

> Oops. I was trying to evoke Poetry Readings.
> Poetry writing is a very strange, mystical, and
> personal experience that probably doesn't go well
> with hot pepper jack cheese.

Oh, OK...since I've never really been to any poetry readings, I couldn't say from first-hand experience, but from what I've heard of them, I think you're right on. As for poetry writing, sometimes it can even be a drug-based form of mysticism, depending on who you talk to.

And maybe hot pepper Jack cheese would help me in getting in the mood for writing Spanish poetry again...:)

Hmm...triggered by that random comment is a question: do any of you other authors use any sort of background music or other ambiance sort of thing while writing your character? Since I've already got Sam's musical tastes pretty well in mind, I find that sometimes if I put on a CD of things I imagine him liking, I can get myself unstuck at different points when I try to write my dialog. Long before writing Sam, I'd habitually used music to help evoke the feelings within me that would help me write more effective material, and I'm curious how many people do similar things.

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