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Re: Welcome New Authors!

Posted by: Curious
Date: Thursday, 4 June 1998, at 1:29 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Welcome New Authors! (Sharon)

Hello there! This is a very interesting project you have taken on and I'm very curious about contributing to the cause and would love to talk to someone about it.

> I'm very excited about it too! I find myself
> empathizing with Sam already. Hmm.. I wonder what
> the good Doctor would say about the fact that I'm
> drawn to these younger men (Alex and Sam).... let's
> not go there! LOL

> Looks like the Mass Exodus scare was only that.
> Olivia is sticking around, and Katherine will be
> here at least until July. =) And we know we can
> depend on Anna to continue therapy into the millenium.
> *grin* I hope we see even more new authors. I really
> need my TCT fix! LOL

> Sharon

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