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Re: Earthlink Affiliation

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Thursday, 4 June 1998, at 6:45 p.m.

In Response To: Earthlink Affiliation (ANN)

> I read that Earthlink is founded by a Scientologist
> and supports Scientology. Since this site is "generously
> hosted by Earthlink networks," are the founders
> and writers also followers of Scientology?

> Just wondering...

Huh? That's quite a leap, isn't it?

Earthlink has very generously given us space on their web servers to run this site. I'd never heard that they were associated with Scientology, but I can assure you that they didn't require that I execute any kind of Scientology pledge or the like prior to putting up The Company Therapist.

The writers are whatever they want to be. You can ask them. I've never required them to join my hellish crusade prior to posting their work! As for me, I'm Jewish, if you care. The Company Therapist seems to me to be untainted by any particular religious philosophy.

Christopher Werby

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