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Re: Dr Bill Bennett

Posted by: loosely
Date: Thursday, 4 June 1998, at 7:31 p.m.

In Response To: Dr Bill Bennett (Suey)

> Any particular reason why Dr Balis suddenly
> stopped writing to Dr Bennett? I would love to hear
> more "off the record" commentary about
> his patients and private life.

Ditto! We aren't able to dig up anything on the good Doctor unless it is revealed in the sessions, or in his notes about them. I try to add little tidbits into Rachel's sessions that suggest activity (the Doctor has a fish tank in his office, he has thick hair, he doesn't do yoga) but no other authors seem to pick up on it. I don't read ALL the sessions, either, so I'm just as uninformed. Seems that other patients would have noticed that he moved his office around, as I included in one of my recent sessions.

Several characters have openly flirted with him, or picked fights with him. Mike Taylor and I have taken Doctor Balis on a walk outside his office, and he visited a patient at a sanitarium not too long ago. It would be easy to have a character see him at a concert (with some dame?)or at a book signing, a cemetery, gas station. All I can say is, Doctor Balis . . . GET A LIFE!

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