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Sorry I Asked

Posted by: ANN
Date: Friday, 5 June 1998, at 5:02 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Earthlink Affiliation (Mike Taylor)

For the record, I'm not an anti-Scientology crusader, though what I have heard about them through the news media is disturbing.

> Scientologists being known for viciously attacking
> their critics, I'd say that generalization could be applied > to just about any group

Scientologists take it one step further--they have driven non-profit, anti-cult groups out of business by bombarding them with lawsuits; they have assailed journalists and publications who have reported on their dubious teachings.

> Your question was answered by Christopher
> without any sarcasm, but when you read the **yawn**
> by Sharon, you took it upon yourself to shoot some
> nasty comments back at her, which is fine.

When Christopher responded to my question, he felt compelled to assert that he was "...a Jew, if you care..." and said that I might as well accuse TCT of being part of some Jewish Conspiracy. I found this remark particularly telling because Scientologists, when under fire for their unorthodox practices, have often compared themselves to the Jews who were persecuted during the Holocaust.

I find it offensive that someone would make a charge, however flippant, that I am an anti-Semite, just because I voiced dismay about Scientology. I'm married to a Jew, if you care.

> your own character so that we know how to write
> a "good" one

I always thought that readers and writers have a symbiotic relationship; i.e. that they are mutually dependent on each other. Perhaps I am not as creative as some of you, but I am an avid reader and I call 'em as I see 'em. I really try to give every writer on the site a chance, realizing that this is a place where aspiring writers can hone their skills. Most of the writers on this site do an admirable job of creating complex, three-dimensional characters.

I have supported this site, albeit indirectly, by reading it regularly. What would be the point of having a site like this if no one read it? The writers of TCT contribute to this forum because they want and audience--don't they? Why would you take part in online publishing if you didn't want some feedback?

If you're going to be dismissive and snide about the comments from your readers, it shouldn't surprise you to get some grief in return.

Anyway, thanks (I guess) to all of you for responding.

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