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Re: fodder

Posted by: James
Date: Friday, 5 June 1998, at 5:22 p.m.

In Response To: Re: fodder (ANN)

> You need all the inspiration you can get, with
> the drivel you churn out.

> You're welcome

You're a critic, but not brave enough to try yourself. You accuse others of being part of a group that you obviously detest, you continue to spurt out accusations and expect a group of people in no way employed or knowledgable of the inner-workings of Earthlink to have "all the answers" for your assumption.

Think about it. Why would they know?? Just like you (you indicated that Earthlink is your ISP), they use the services of a company. Why on earth should they be any more knowledgable these rumors than you are? It would be like asking you if the people who manufactured your car were pedophiles. What, you don't know? Aren't you one since you use their service?

That is the point that is trying to be made but is obviously too difficult for you to grasp. Why should these people be obligated to tell you their religious affiliation when you are so cowardly as to not even leave an email address.

You have a need to have the last word, to try to make yourself look better by tossing out useless insults. So friggin what!

Get over yourself.

Oh, and please feel free to respond to this and insult me. One piece of advice though: There is medication and it will help.

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