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Re: fodder

Posted by: ANN
Date: Friday, 5 June 1998, at 5:40 p.m.

In Response To: Re: fodder (James)

> You accuse others of being part of a group
> that you obviously detest, you continue to spurt
> out accusations and expect a group of people in
> no way employed or knowledgable of the inner-workings
> of Earthlink to have "all the answers"

First of all, I didn't accuse anyone on TCT of being involved with Scientology. I was JUST ASKING A QUESTION!!! On TCT's homepage, there is always an ad saying "generously hosted by Earthlink." The people who run this site are obviously affiliated with Earthlink. I don't expect them to have "all the answers" but I thought they could manage to respond to a SIMPLE QUESTION without becoming so defensive and hostile.

> Oh, and please feel free to respond to this
> and insult me.

I only insult people who insult me first. Maybe I was a tad ingenuous when making my initial query, but I had no idea it would provoke so much hostility.

> so friggin' what!

James, someone with as much pent-up anger as you needs medication much, much more than I do.

for the last word go to: Silicon Valley "Metro" article from March,

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