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Re: Sorry I Asked

Posted by: ANN
Date: Friday, 5 June 1998, at 8:13 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Sorry I Asked (John Stiverson)

> You have a strange way of showing it by quickly
> whipping out URL's on the subject and having your
> own idea of a Scientologist profile at hand.

The article and URL refer to the work of an investigative reporter, for a South Bay weekly paper. The article as objective as any I've seen, and much more reasonable and informed than any of the responses I've received here. Sorry, wrong neighborhood.

> Again, you seem to know A LOT about Scientologists,
> to the point of obsession. How many times do you
> wash your hands in a day?

Obviously, more often than you ever bother to read the paper. Better to be obsessive-compulsive than uninformed. All the information I've cited has been reported in the media. Much of Scientology's guerilla tactics came to light recently when countries like Germany were reported to have persecuted Scientologists. A few months ago, "60 Minutes" reported on Scientology's pit-bull legal team whose cutthroat tactics destroyed an Anti-Cult group.

> When did he ever charge you of being an anti-Semite

"I'm Jewish, if you care...Why don't you boycott the site because of the International Jewish Conspiracy? At least I'm Jewish, so they'll be some logical nexus to the site, however slight."-- sounds like an implication of anti-semitism to me.

> Writing is a selfish act. Writers do it primarily
> for themselves.

True, but if you only write for yourselves, what's the point? That's the ultimate in mental masturbation. You wouldn't post your creative efforts on this website if you didn't want some one to read it. You must get some satisfaction out of seeing your words in print, and knowing net-surfers visit this site. Why else would you invest so much time and energy into writing your sessions every week.

you blast one of the people on
> this site and you want the other authors to watch
> you do it and say nothing?

I'm always open to debate. All I did was ask a question, and I qualified the query by stating it was probably only a rumor. I didn't deserve a barrage of sarcastic insults. I thought all of you were reasonable adults, open-minded enough to answer a simple query without resorting to abuse. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. So sorry.

I only insulted the people who insulted me. If you're going to dish it out...

If all you want are accolades and praise, you should make a statement to that affect somewhere on this BBS.

> They're going to defend their own and you
> shouldn't expect any less.

Does that mean you're not capable of being objective? If TCT's writers can't bear criticism of "one of their own" then you NEED feedback from readers, lest you become a grossly self-indulgent group of pretentious twits (I think I may have spoken too soon).

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