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Re: Sorry I Asked

Posted by: John Stiverson
Date: Saturday, 6 June 1998, at 3:58 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Sorry I Asked (ANN)

> "I'm Jewish, if you care...Why don't you
> boycott the site because of the International Jewish
> Conspiracy? At least I'm Jewish, so they'll be some
> logical nexus to the site, however slight."--
> sounds like an implication of anti-semitism to me.

First off, you strung two quotes together to make it appear as though they were in the same post --they weren't. And Christopher IS Jewish, so what is he supposed to say? If he were Irish, don't you think he'd answer in the same way?

His point was, even if there were people on this site who were Scientologists (none of them are as far as I know), what difference does it make? Would you have the same bias if some of the members were Christian, Asian, African-American, Pagan, Knights of the Holy Masturbators from Hell? You seem to be applying a very broad generalization of what you think the Scientology philosophy stands for, based on a few news reports. You should take what you hear from the media with a grain of salt. After all, the AP wire reported yesterday that Bob Hope had died, for crying out loud. He's alive and well as of this writing.

> I'm always open to debate. All I did was ask
> a question, and I qualified the query by stating
> it was probably only a rumor. I didn't deserve a
> barrage of sarcastic insults. I thought all of you
> were reasonable adults, open-minded enough to answer
> a simple query without resorting to abuse. Unfortunately,
> I was mistaken. So sorry.

Your question was answered a long time ago with little sarcasm and no insults, unless you consider ***yawn**** to be insulting. I took it as a hint that you should stop the Scientology kick you were on, since it was obvious no one on the site subscribes to it. It was only after you had personally attacked one of the authors that you got some bitter replies.

> I only insulted the people who insulted me.
> If you're going to dish it out...

"Reasonable adults," eh? This sounds like an adult answer.

> If all you want are accolades and praise, you
> should make a statement to that affect somewhere
> on this BBS.

I think a disclaimer about Scientology would serve a better purpose, obviously.

> Does that mean you're not capable of being
> objective? If TCT's writers can't bear criticism
> of "one of their own" then you NEED feedback
> from readers,

Like I said, there's a difference between feedback and a personal attack on someone's writing. You weren't being critical, you were being abusive.


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