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Re: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like

Posted by: fulkerson <>
Date: Wednesday, 06 August 1997, at 1:09 p.m.

In Response To: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like (Mycroft)

Claude Seligmann on 8/5/97 3:53 PM said:

>You think Dr. Balis might resemble Cary Grant or Liam Neeson! In your dreams! Most shrinks look more like Wally Shawn. Only an extreme case of transference would make them look as good as, say, Pauly Shore.

It's funny that someone thought about what Dr. Balis may look like - - - it never occurred to me. I think that he may look like a youthful Robert DiNiro - - - wise beyond his years and perhaps a bit desheveled at times, but for the most part, I picture him as an average, approachable guy who is fairly good-looking, in his own right and has the dark hair, fair skinned complexion so frequently found amongst the peoples of the East Coast. I would imagine him to be a health concious man who is in decent physical shape. Funny how I came up with so much for not thinking about this before!!!

S.A. Fulkerson

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