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Re: Favorite Writers

Posted by: Scott
Date: Sunday, 14 June 1998, at 11:30 a.m.

In Response To: Favorite Writers (Beth)

Beth. . .

I had to add to my previous response after reading your question again. . .I said that Anne Rice is one of my favorite authors, she is my very favorite. . .the two books of hers that inspired me to write aren't vampire books after all: "Feast of all Saints" was a wonderful fictional account of the gens de coleur in pre-civil war era New Orleans and a beautiful and touching story it is. . .the other book "Cry to Heaven" about the castrati was a painful experience, to say the least, beautifully written, I could hear the music and really feel the pain the main character went through. . .I am forever indebted to her for her lavish story-telling. . .the "Beauty" books are great too, anyone into a little S&M? Perhaps Anna should read those books if she hasn't already!!!

As a child, I read ALL of Tolkien's books, some more than once. . .I think David said that he likes him too. . .also I like Balzac and Orwell. . .there are so many, I can't say enough!


> I would like to ask the contributors and creators
> of this site who their influences are. Who are your
> favorite writers? What authors and/or books do you
> enjoy? Did a certain author inspire you to want
> to write, or influence your writing style?

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