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Re: Sam Eldrich's Last Session

Posted by: Benevol <>
Date: Monday, 15 June 1998, at 9:55 a.m.

In Response To: Sam Eldrich's Last Session (Teddy Rosen)

> I found Sam Eldrich's last session fascinating,
> especially his analysis of the play, "The Iceman
> Cometh." After reading it, I went to the library
> and picked up a copy (okay, acutally, all I did
> was look at the "Cliff's Notes" which
> is more reading than I have done in months).

> Congratulations on adding another interesting
> and troubled character to the fold!

I thank you for the compliment; I'm glad I got access to a computer so that I could read this:) It took me a while to remember exactly what the title of that play was of O'Neill's that had the scene in it. I remember my high school English teacher going off about how she could spot the use of Cliff's Notes from miles she thought, anyway. For some odd reason, I'm always suspicious of teachers that make that claim, especially when she didn't seem to notice that half of my friends used them consistently and exclusively...ah, well.

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