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Re: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like

Posted by: AG <>
Date: Thursday, 14 August 1997, at 1:17 p.m.

In Response To: Re: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like (kgeer)

Karen Geer on 8/12/97 8:17 PM said:

>I think it is vital that no one creates an image of Balis for the audience. Balis is whoever the reader/writer needs him to be.

>Someone said that he might look like a young DeNiro. I personally wouldn't pour out my heart and soul to someone who might respond with a "You talkin' to me?" and BLAM!

>He's a little more William Hurt'ish to me.

Everyone's describing these older fellows... I had the good Doctor picked out for a younger, slightly nerdier type. No particular actor comes to mind, but a few of my more earnest-looking friends do...

Angela Gunn

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