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Re: Ages and Bios

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Thursday, 18 June 1998, at 11:27 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Ages and Bios (Loosely)

> I think a short bio would be fine, maybe an
> expansion of the "authors" page, maybe
> links from that page. Chris?

> I asked Chris the same thing many months ago.
> I wouldn't want just the ordinary kind of information,
> though. Let's brainstorm exactly what would be fun
> to know about the authors. I'll start: drug of choice,
> the actor they would most want to play the part
> of their character, a 35 word description of the
> setting in which they write, favorite dessert, make
> and model of their first car, whether they like
> cats or not.

Try to remember the hesitancy with which you approached the idea of writing for The Company Therapist. You had to figure out if these people were all looney internet stalker crazies or whether it was a legit--if out there--creative enterprise.

If I got hysterical paranoid reactions from the seniors because I asked for their names and addresses, imagine what I'm going to get when I ask them to tell me their favorite dessert and preferences about cats!

I really think that the optional link to people's personal home pages is the way to go here.


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