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Re: Your ages

Posted by: Scott
Date: Friday, 19 June 1998, at 3:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Your ages (pip)

> I'm 38.

> When we first started this project, Olga and
> I reached out to SeniorNet, told them about our
> project, and invited participation. We thought that
> The Company Therapist would be ideal for senior
> writers--lots of experience and time and probably
> little outlet for their work. We thought they'd
> create excellent characters and that it would be
> beneficial for them as well.

> We got a very bizarre response, filled with
> hostility, suspicion, and outright paranoia. Because
> we require the writers to give us their names and
> addresses, we were accused of starting the site
> just to get that personal information. Warnings
> were posted telling senior members to avoid The
> Company Therapist because of our evil intentions.

> We weren't spamming, honest. We posted an original
> message, and then I think we posted one response
> to a very paranoid post. But we were told by the
> administators of SeniorNet message board that "none
> of our members would have any interest in your project."
> I guess they didn't.

They don't know what they're missing!!! Poor old fools!!! But I must add that I have a friend who is 76 and reads every Alex episode. . .he doens't have a computer though, but I'm sure he would read the other characters if he did

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