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Re: Ages and Bios

Posted by: Scott
Date: Friday, 19 June 1998, at 4:07 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Ages and Bios (Loosely)

Okay, I'll take the plunge, since I don't have my own web site. . .

> Let's brainstorm exactly what would be fun
> to know about the authors. I'll start: drug of choice,

None, I like them all ;)

> the actor they would most want to play the part
> of their character

That's a tough one. . .can't think of one, but I have seen a few fashion models I thought would fit my picture of Alex

> a 35 word description of the
> setting in which they write

I'll do it in far less than 35 words: on the floor in my condo

> favorite dessert

Anything Chocolate. . .and I mean ANYTHING

> make and model of their first car

1970 VW Bug. . .I still dream that I'm driving it

> whether they like cats or not.

Love cats, but don't have any pets at this time

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