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Re: discovery

Posted by: Gloria <>
Date: Wednesday, 8 July 1998, at 11:22 a.m.

In Response To: discovery (M. Stroh)

> I have been taking an on line literature course
> out of Pace University, NY

What kinda crap are they teaching in college these days? I can't believe any self-respecting teacher whould thing this site is acutally literature and make it required reading. Don't get me wrong. i love Ana Green's That is why I surf this site every week. If only all your characters were as Like Ana! To bad at leats haf of them are not even intresting even boring. A coupel are O>K but most sock The company therapist was much better whan Christorpher and Olga wrote the storeis. When you brung in all these new peple it goes down the drain. Ther boring and jus plain stupid. Ilook at them an go, 'who cares'? Ar you trying to putt me to asleep? And why have peple come for a few week and then go away. Waht is up with that/

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