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Re: discovery

Posted by: Benevol <>
Date: Wednesday, 8 July 1998, at 6:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: discovery (Gloria)

>To bad at leats haf of them are not even
> intresting even boring. A coupel are O>K but
> most sock

*snippety snip*

> When you brung in all these new peple it goes down
> the drain. Ther boring and jus plain stupid. Ilook at
> them an go, 'who cares'? Ar you trying to putt me
> to asleep?

Eye complitely agre wit u. Eye expesully thunk that Sam socks it big tim. Whut's up with him? I wish hed jest go dwn the drane.

Oh, and yes, I AM trying to put you to sleep every week with Sam's sessions:) Is it working?

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