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Re: Award for The Company Therapist

Posted by: Cody
Date: Wednesday, 15 July 1998, at 6:28 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Award for The Company Therapist (Gloria)


> Judgeing by your messages adn youre writing,
> its' only a feeling. It will pass.

Gloria, poor poor Gloria. . .it's a shame that you have to change your name in a vain attempt to conceal who you really are. . .and those misspelled words really threw me off. You know, if you are so intelligent and worldly, and if this site is such a drag for you, then I have to ask: what are you doing spending your valuable time here, insulting people??? Perhaps you can create something far more valuable to society than what is created here and then you ought to post it on an internet site so the entire world can hold you in the veneration that you so rightly deserve. . .none of us are worthy of your great esteem and insight. . .now, don't you have some dark roots to dye? isn't Jerry springer on now?

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