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Re: Rorschach

Posted by: Olga <>
Date: Saturday, 18 July 1998, at 11:29 a.m.

In Response To: Rorschach (loosely)

> Okay, so speaking of Rorschach's . . .(who
> was?) What does the one beside "Doctor Balis'
> notes about this session" look like to you?

> I'll start: two ponytailed girls facing each
> other, with their ponytails up in the air (they
> just read Anna Green's session and are shocked--or
> schached, shall I say?); or two thumbs up (Siskel
> and Ebert?).

> Someone else's turn.

I always thought that it could be two things: 2 very old ladies playing that hand-clapping game; or it's a bat.

Call me strange!


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