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The Doctor

Posted by: David
Date: Saturday, 18 July 1998, at 7:55 p.m.

1) Just as I was about to get disgusted with Balis for prescribing Prozac yet again, Tom goes off on him for exactly that. I fear the good doctor is falling into an easy trap like so many before him: medicating a sick society. I'll bet a third of my co-workers are on that same drug, instead of doing the cognitive work that would allow them to actually heal. Our drive-through society fucks with it's brain chemistry so that it can pretend everything is okay, rather than dedicate time and resources to actually making things okay. I hope some of the readers realize that although therapy is more time consuming and difficult than popping pills, in the end it is very liberating. 2) He must miss Katherine. She hasn't seen him for four weeks and he's convinced that she's been out of town for months (Rozzi notes, 07/08). She did promise to send a postcard from Alaska. I hope she remembers. . . 3) I remember that he went to Hawaii a few months ago. Did he go alone? We need to get that poor man a date. Wouldn't it be neat if he was out and ran into a patient? I wonder how he would react?

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