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Posted by: pip <>
Date: Thursday, 14 August 1997, at 5:21 p.m.

We've changed the message board software.

The new software has a much easier "log-in" procedure (you can keep your anonymity if you want). It uses "cookies" to remember your preferences. It will show you the list in chronological or threaded order. It will tell you what's new since your last visit. It will allow you to delete your own past posts, if you want. It lets you preview the post before you post. It helps stop accidental duplicate posts. It improves navigating between messages and threads. It improves the quoted "reply" part. And on and on.

We've ported the past messages over to the new board, with no change in content and only a little change in signature lines and things like that. We did clean up the threading order a little bit while we were at it. If you registered on the old software, thank you, but no registration is required on the new software. The chronological display won't be chronological for the old posts, but will be for the future ones.

We hope this new software will make the message board a more enjoyable forum for your participation!

Christopher & Olga Werby

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