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Re: New Message Board Software

Posted by: Mae
Date: Friday, 15 August 1997, at 6:14 a.m.

In Response To: New Message Board Software (pip)

> We've changed the message board software.

> The new software has a much easier "log-in"
> procedure (you can keep your anonymity if you want).
> It uses "cookies" to remember your preferences.
> It will show you the list in chronological or threaded
> order. It will tell you what's new since your last
> visit. It will allow you to delete your own past
> posts, if you want. It lets you preview the post
> before you post. It helps stop accidental duplicate
> posts. It improves navigating between messages and
> threads. It improves the quoted "reply"
> part. And on and on.

> We've ported the past messages over to the
> new board, with no change in content and only a
> little change in signature lines and things like
> that. We did clean up the threading order a little
> bit while we were at it. If you registered on the
> old software, thank you, but no registration is
> required on the new software. The chronological
> display won't be chronological for the old posts,
> but will be for the future ones.

> We hope this new software will make the message
> board a more enjoyable forum for your participation!

> Christopher & Olga Werby

Help! I can't get it to list threads chronologically, showing only the last two days. Suggestions?

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