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Re: We're Two Years Old!!!

Posted by: Scott
Date: Sunday, 19 July 1998, at 7:44 p.m.

In Response To: Re: We're Two Years Old!!! (Karen)

> Congratulations TCT!

and congratulations Chris and Olga!!!

> Somewhere in all of this is a moral, about
> persuing projects for the work, the art and the
> joy of doing them. If you are only interested in
> the bottom line, you will never rise above it.

if we got paid, it would probably seriously alter the way the site reads and works. . .

> So let's all raise a glass to Christopher and
> Olga! For their vision, their efforts and for making
> the web a better place to live.

and Thank you Chris and Olga, for giving us an outlet for creativity not readily available in the conventional sense. This has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I am forever grateful for that - - - no amount of money could equal the benefits I have gained by being a part of this site. . .

> Karen a.k.a. The anonymous faxer (missing in
> action, for the moment)

We miss you Anonymous Faxer!!!

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