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Re: Rorschach

Posted by: Benevol <>
Date: Sunday, 19 July 1998, at 9:41 p.m.

In Response To: Rorschach (loosely)

All right...I figured that while giving what I see in one inkblot, I might as well say what I see in ALL of 'em:)


The one next to the Doctor's Notes looks to me to be a worm with a head on each end. Each head looks to me to be that of perhaps a 7-year old boy with a cowlick (Alfalfa-style), and each head is staring at the other in some sort of childishly aggressive way.

The one down below that one looks to me to be a big, black briefcase that's JUST been opened, releasing some unknown, noxious, insidious, gaseous entity.

After that is the bat;) It feels like it's trying to fly right past my face, though, as it flaps out of the screen.

Then, on this page, the one for the front screen looks to me to be a sinister four-eyed insectoid that's ready to spit something out of its proboscis. If anyone remembers the old video game "Yar's Revenge", it's sort of like that...somehow. I don't know why, but that game popped into my head when I took a look at that blot.

Finally, the one that Olga had previously mentioned looks to me like two ducks playing a vicious game of pattycake. In fact, it looks like they're spitting at each other to me.


So, am I a sick beast, or what?;)

The home of the sick beast!

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