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What Does Dr. Balis Look Like?

Posted by: Teddy <>
Date: Monday, 20 July 1998, at 8:37 p.m.

In Response To: Re: "Sick Beast" blows my mind (David)

> what exactly *does* the good doctor look like

Isn't he Jewish? I think I remember reading that in his early journal entries. He's been described as attractive, with a full head of hair. I always pictured a young, clean-shaven, taller version of Ron Silver, but not quite as menacing.

> Benevol, I read part of your page. With your interest in brain chemistry, don't you have any input on the prescription debate?

Maybe SickBeast is too busy howling at the moon, slaughtering innocents, eating babies, torturing small animals, or trying to cover up that "666" birthmark with makeup :)

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