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Re: "Sick Beast" has his mind blown

Posted by: Teddy <>
Date: Monday, 20 July 1998, at 9:00 p.m.

In Response To: "Sick Beast" has his mind blown (Sick Beast Benevol)

> Maybe there's yet something to my thoughts of pursuing
> a psychological career...

I always thought men who were attractive in a non-threatening way had a special advantage in the therapy field, because of that transference thing. Just think of all the female patients who will become infatuated with you and keep coming back, two and three times a week, willingly paying your exhorbitant hourly fees for the privilege of gazing deeply into your moist, compassionate eyes as you utter the time-honored shrink cliche, "How does that make you feel?" You'll have your student loans paid off in no time!

And if you aren't burdened by ethics, you can exploit your patients' vulnerability and put that couch to good use (j/k)

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