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Do: Re: The Sick One speaks....again

Posted by: Sick Beast <>
Date: Monday, 20 July 1998, at 9:49 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The Sick One speaks....again (Teddy)

> Now, now, don't indulge in that stinkin' thinkin'.
> You're every bit as evil and malevolent as your
> cousin--don't let him make you feel "less than."
> There's nothing worse than a demonic being with
> an inferiority complex, next thing you'll turned
> into some glassy-eyed, happy-pill-popping workshop
> junkie, and we'll have to have you committed and
> lobotomized for your own good...

But, but, but...when he tells me to dress up in the leather corset and get on all fours before him, he MAKES me say that I'm less than he is. He forces me to tell him how superior he is to me; how much I, the lowly one, deserve to be whipped and chained and ravaged and....oh, ANNA!;)

And what's wrong with happy pills? Here in the Place of Eternal Torment, all that stinkin' flesh gives rise to stinkin' thinkin'...I'm sorry, man! I just can't help it! I've gotta have my happy pill fix, or I'll just go nuts! A demon can only listen to so many tortured screams of agony before it finally gets to him, you know?

Hmm...maybe Dr. Balis needs a new patient...;)

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