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Re: We're Two Years Old!!!

Posted by: Teddy <>
Date: Wednesday, 22 July 1998, at 9:48 a.m.

In Response To: Re: We're Two Years Old!!! (Sharon)

> I decided to see if there were more sites like
> this out on the web

I also attempted to find similar sites, via Storyweb. For the most part I was disappointed. I am especially leery of sites that require Shockwave or Real Audio, because they take forever to download, and often aren't worth the wait. I found a few sites that feature pretty pictures and animated gifs, but not much in terms of content.

> I was so captivated by the varied plots.
> I loved seeing the characters meet.

I have yet to find an episodic website that has stories as compelling or characters as real as those of TCT (Of course, as a contributor to this site, I am somewhat biased).

We're the best!

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