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Posted by: John Jay Meerkat <>
Date: Thursday, 30 July 1998, at 2:42 a.m.

Dear sirs and/or madams:

I stumbled into this place recently, and was much impressed.

It is like a smoky little cafe, with all sorts of undiscovered (maybe discovered, how do I know?) geniuses pounding away on cafe-provided typewriters, sticky with spilled lattes and who-knows-what-else? And how could such a cafe make a living, with the tables being occupied by writers, who surely are going to hog a table for at least several hours at a stretch?, unless they are Balzac, which would mean at least an three day wait for a good table.

Does anyone here use any sort of third-party writing aids, such as computer programs that provide you with a plot, setting and style, and all one has to provide is the character's name, or, failing that, just the last four digits of their social security number?

(Not that I see any evidence of such use here - I reiterate - I really admire the work done here - and, as an added bonus, I really, really enjoy it when it gets somewhat racy, (or violent, for that matter - why did that scene with Thomas have to end up with a sofa beating? I wish he had really freaked out! - that would have really sublimated some of my unhealthy drives which are currently unsublimated as a consequence of that fantasy sequence and unhealthy living in general.)

Anyway, I was looking for input - the only thing I have found that works for me is a twelve-pack of beer - and, the further into the cardboard box I dig, the better the writing.

As you can tell from this post, I'm just starting one now.

I wish I could write like youse guys.

Keep up the good work!

JJ Meerkat

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