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Re: Writing Aids

Posted by: Loosely
Date: Thursday, 30 July 1998, at 2:09 p.m.

In Response To: Writing Aids (John Jay Meerkat)

> Does anyone here use any sort of third-party
> writing aids, such as computer programs that provide
> you with a plot, setting and style, and all one
> has to provide is the character's name, or, failing
> that, just the last four digits of their social
> security number?

I have used one web site quite frequently. The first time was to help decide on a disorder for a character. Now I go there to research treatment. For "inspiration" try

and you will discover many afflictions, including "histrionic disorder," one that I'm sure my mother has. It seems, too, with every disorder there is a web site to support those who suffer from it. I get ideas from real people who bare their souls on message boards and in chat rooms, and of course, from my assorted perverted, eccentric friends and family members. Then, there's always fantasy . . .

The main inspiration, of course, is our own neuroses. I think in everything I write there is a lot of me embedded.

John Jay Meerkat, if your recent post was an "interview" then you passed! Try creating a character and join us in the cafe. But please, no smoking.

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