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Re: Writing Aids

Posted by: Scott
Date: Friday, 31 July 1998, at 6:45 p.m.

In Response To: Writing Aids (John Jay Meerkat)

> It is like a smoky little cafe, with all sorts
> of undiscovered (maybe discovered, how do I know?)

Still undiscovered. . .I just received yet another rejection form letter. . .

> Does anyone here use any sort of third-party
> writing aids, such as computer programs that provide
> you with a plot, setting and style, and all one

No, no computer programs or anything else other than a little ambience artificially created. . .AND, this is important here, I watch and listen - - - to my friends and coworkers and family, the material I get is endless and sometimes so not real that it's hard to believe it's true. . .also, I am inspired by some television shows and of course the news media and our venerable president of the US - - - the material is just ripe for the pickin'

> (Not that I see any evidence of such use here
> - I reiterate - I really admire the work done here
> - and, as an added bonus, I really, really enjoy
> it when it gets somewhat racy, (or violent, for

Thanks for the admiration, we like you too. . .I'll try to mutilate someone in my next episode just for you (well, I did fry someone on the BART tracks a few months ago, but I guess that it wasn't graphic enough, huh?)

> that matter - why did that scene with Thomas have
> to end up with a sofa beating? I wish he had really
> freaked out! - that would have really sublimated
> some of my unhealthy drives which are currently
> unsublimated as a consequence of that fantasy sequence
> and unhealthy living in general.)

Hey, it may be unhealthy living but it sure is FUN!!!

> Anyway, I was looking for input - the only
> thing I have found that works for me is a twelve-pack
> of beer - and, the further into the cardboard box
> I dig, the better the writing.

I understand completely, I prefer hallucinogenics myself

> As you can tell from this post, I'm just starting
> one now.

> I wish I could write like youse guys.

I have this feeling you can write like us, so. . .JOIN US!!!

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