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Re: Best Of The Web '98

Posted by: pip <>
Date: Friday, 21 August 1998, at 3:14 p.m.

In Response To: Best Of The Web '98 (Sharon)

> I nominated The Company Therapist for the
> 1998 Best Of The Web Award . Please check it out
> and read over the rules, etc. I believe that the
> number of nominations figures heavily into the voting
> schedule.

> The Werbys put an extrodinary amount of time,
> love and effort into this site. They deserve the
> recognition.

> Sharon

Thank you very much for the nomination--and for the kind words about us.

Awards for The Company Therapist belong as much to the writers as to us. That's what a collaborative site is all about. And put your work and TCT's awards on your resumes!

BTW, TCT won "Badger Pick of the Day" for today. I'll post the URL below.

Congratulations to the writers and thanks for keeping it vibrant.

Badger's Pick of the Day Page

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