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Re: Follow ups

Posted by: qwerty
Date: Friday, 13 November 1998, at 3:25 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Follow ups (Ed Benson)

> There are strong hint in the
> Peter storyline after that last visit from Eliza
> that Peter may have killed her.

Hmm that's an interesting take on things. I was hoping Eliza would return, especially after the author, Mindy Needham posted here (hint hint)

And what happened to Christina Herald? (hint hint) Seemslike a lot of people left after Last Xmas. Wouldn't they need therapy after the holidays, like when the credit card bills come?

This is probably what it is like for real thearpists. Their patients disappear to join dog packs, or get hit by Bart trains, or end up in mental institutions.

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