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Re: Balis Has A Life!

Posted by: Scott
Date: Saturday, 12 December 1998, at 12:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Balis Has A Life! (David)

Patients think about and wonder with speculation, have embellished fantasies about and guess all sorts of ideologies over the therapist real identity, so I would say the speculation could be fueled by the possibility the doctor doesn't wear a ring signifying marital vows, no pictures of girlfirends or children and San Francisco being the truly great place it is, a world, no, a haven for ALL the good peoples of the world and beyond, he could be just about anyone outside of that office of his!!! Plus, the reason Alex speculates it verbally to the doctor at times is mainly to play with him and invoke "that look he gets (the doctor)" when Alex does the things he does. . .plus, Alex nor any of the other patients know about the doctor's attraction to Anna, that was his priveledged little secret - and Anna's, I guess I just think it's probably a natural thing to think, particularly if you may be attracted to them and let's face it, the doctor is still a young man probably with clean cut face and well dressed and mannered. . .I'd venture to say he isn't a bad looking guy!

> Admonitions, denial, changing sexual orientations
> . . . sound like your life? Welcome to a typical
> week in the life of Dr. Charles Balis. Really, people,
> give the guy a break. Remember how attracted he
> was to Anna when she was coming on to him? I don't
> think he could have manufactured that, even for
> his own self-delusions. I have to wonder why some
> of you are so eager for him to be gay.

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