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Re: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like

Posted by: Balis <>
Date: Friday, 15 August 1997, at 11:38 a.m.

In Response To: Re: What Dr. Balis LOOKS like (jdsprst)

> I've always imagined Dr. Balis to look strikingly
> similar to Mr. Potatohead: small, plastic, lumpy
> frame; oversized human-like ears; two piercing blue
> snap-on eyes; a wide nose that supports a pair of
> red spectacles; and a black pipe protruding from
> his abundant lips. His bendable arms are outstretched
> as if about to catch something, and he looks awkward
> seated in his chair because he is, after all, only
> 14 inches tall.... --Mike Taylor

Hmm. How long have you been feeling this way, Michael?


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