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The Future of The Company Therapist

Posted by: pips <>
Date: Thursday, 29 April 1999, at 10:48 p.m.

It's true...The Company Therapist isn't being updated any longer.

With the exception of Scott (Alex Rozzi), all the writers simultaneously decided to stop writing and, truth be told, we kind of ran out of steam as well.

It's been almost three years, and that's almost forever in web time. I think that we were the longest running, continuously updated, web soap. We outlasted them all: The Spot, EON-IV, The Pyramid, The Coach, East Village, Madeline's Mind, Grape Jam, and all those MSN serials. They all made the mistake of having budgets and seeking revenue. We never had any money to spend and we never made a dime, which is why we could last so long!

We're keeping the content that's here up, but we're going to have to change the front screen and a few other things to go from an active, updating site to something more fitting to a moldering relic. The truth is that there's a ton of entertaining content buried within the site--we're going to think of some innovative ways to ease the access to some of the content from the past.

So there'll be changes over the next few weeks, but ultimately they are sad ones. Who knows? Maybe some corporation will come forward and want to sponsor The Company Therapist as innovative web entertainment and we'll revive like a phoenix! More likely, though, once we have a little time, Pipsqueak Productions will come up with something new and entertaining. But for the next one, we'll work on our business model a bit!

It's not goodbye. Thank you for reading and, for those that do, thanks for caring.

Christopher and Olga Werby The Pipsqueaks

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