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Re: The Future of The Company Therapist

Posted by: Dave
Date: Sunday, 2 May 1999, at 5:39 p.m.

In Response To: The Future of The Company Therapist (pips)

> It's true...The Company Therapist isn't being updated
> any longer.

> With the exception of Scott (Alex Rozzi), all the
> writers simultaneously decided to stop writing and,
> truth be told, we kind of ran out of steam as well.

Cudos to Scott for keeping with it so long. I'm going to miss Alex, Anna, and all the rest (including Brian, who I never got to publish).

> More likely, though, once
> we have a little time, Pipsqueak Productions will come
> up with something new and entertaining.

Please let the old writers know when this happens. Some of us might be willing to have another go at it.

> It's not goodbye. Thank you for reading and, for those
> that do, thanks for caring.

Thanks for the dedication, the entertainment, and the opportunity. It was a good run!

David Bergeron (Katherine)

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